The Be Counsel firmly believes that brand is not just a tool for appeal in the marketplace. For clients of The Be Counsel, brand is the sense of who you are, what your purpose is and how you are relevant to the world.

Armed with this knowledge, articulated in a single powerful Belief, we have seen companies become completely transformed.

Each and every business decision can be viewed in light of this Belief.

Freed from ambiguity, team members can make powerful, decisive decisions knowing their actions are leading back to and helping your organisation live this belief. Customers know who you are and what you stand for, and it sets you apart from the rest.

Be Counsel

Advertising and marketing should be driven by a Belief about what the brand can Be for its customers – rather than what it can sell.

Simon Hammond

The Revolution

When Simon Hammond wrote Be Brands the business and marketing world was still fixated on SWOT analysis, USPs and features and benefits.

Be Brands questioned all of this. It stated that a sense of Belonging was central to a great brand, and that people and culture were the true drivers of business performance.

Advertising and marketing should come second to and be driven by a Belief about what the brand can Be for its customers - rather than what it can sell.

A well-articulated customer-centric Belief creates a sense of Belonging both within the brand and from customers to the brand. From there, Behaviour becomes that of loyalists, not just purchasers.

Belief, Belonging & Behaviour – three crucial aspects of Be Brands that create brands of substance that are collected, defended and raved about by customers.

Be Counsel

Our Process - The Be Session

To identify this Belief, clients participate in a Be Session.

This is a facilitated strategic session designed to take people out of their comfort zones and put them in a place where they, and their products or services, become emotionally relevant to peoples’ lives.

It’s a thinking session and we believe this thinking must be collaborative. Drawing on key people within the organisation we explore the emotional drivers that determine why customers often fail to respond to the rational.

Ideally, all major stakeholders are present as this is where the fundamental strategic thinking is done – the outcomes of which lead directly into a brief and a filter to ensure that you are entirely ‘on brand’ in everything that you do.

During the session we define a Unique Being Proposition or UBP – the Belief of what your organisation can Be for them.

Full reporting from the day is provided encapsulating key findings, insights and the final UBP. This report becomes the bible of your brand and enables others to instantly understand your brand Belief and how it was created.